Inspired by sydney Carton from Dickens

Once upon a funeral
Many souls died
Buried with an interred corpse
Lifeless in their eyes, though they would continue their lives.

The trees wept their leaves off
Onto his coffin, embracing him.
Hysterical at the loss of one so noble
inconsolable for his death so grim

Father, how could this wretched son
Ever fill the vast cathedrals in your shoes?
May that avatar of apathy, that beast you called God
Cradle you in heaven, while your loinspawn plods on through
With no father to guide me Father!

You told me of this man I’ve never met
This Jesus, this Jew
Christ! that man was never in any book!
Christ lived in you!

So forgive me oh Fathers
For I know exactly what I do
Forgive me for iniquities yet to come
Against both thou memories
Sins borne from my disillusion
With my own life, my own mistakes
Not from the love in which I grew
Not from the love I never deserved
The love of that one ancient Jew.


~ by William Webster on May 13, 2010.

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