To any teenager

When you were a child you just accepted everything that came your way. Too young to be self-conscious, too naive to think that anything that happened to you wasn’t done out of love, or done like it was supposed to be done, because you didn’t know anything else. But your home was different. The way things were done didn’t make sense, but children accept whatever happens, even though they question, so in school you learned that your normal wasn’t everybody else’s normal. Your normal wasn’t normal normal. So you were weird. That self-consciousness began to sink in, that feeling you felt when you realized how different you were, without seeing that everyone felt that way, and they just focussed on how they were the same, the normal normal. When you saw how they became copies of one another you decided to be different. But you didn’t want to be different alone, so you asked some friends ‘hey lets be different together’ and you were the same in your difference. You were all special together in perfectly different you were from them in the same way as each other. Non conformity you called it. You wanted to be special, but because of having no identity outside of your group, you didn’t even know who it was that was supposed to be special, there was no you, there was only that picture of everything ‘they’ were not. Yet you wanted to be special, so you looked at ways to draw attention to yourself, if people couldn’t admire you, then maybe they could pity you. So you told everyone about the things that happened to you, about the things you’ve been through as a child. They’re a safe way to get attention, easy to act emotional about, because your over them. (you know you aren’t over them). Only problem is, they don’t make you special, your story isn’t unique, in fact, by comparison, your life has been moonshine and flowers. So you wallow in self resent…. You have no idea how special you are. Try every hobby, find your talents, practise your talents, become proud of yourself. If what you’re doing isn’t cool, or even worse, conformist. Then who cares? It doesn’t matter if the non-conformists shun you in a display of irony. If you get to know you, then you might get to like you, then you’ll realize who else you like, and have real friends. To hell with conformity, and a worse fate to non-conformists, if you have to prove you don’t care, then you care. Just be you, however weird that is


~ by William Webster on May 13, 2010.

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