cynical about cynics

It’s easy to always be the skeptic, the accuser, the belittler of your intellectual lessers.

You see the flaws in everyone’s faiths, paradigms, ideas, and humanity in general.

Yet for all your cynical wit, and for all your enlightened views on the idiocy of people. You’re empty.

You will never have the courage to stand for anything. You’re too afraid of what people like yourself might say.

If you could only let go of your fear and your ego, you could make a real difference in peoples lives.

You could be so much more than this.

I reckon we have two types of cynics.

1) the kind who are cynical because they’ve been proven wrong once too many times when they had faith in humanity: these people are idealistic at heart, and hate to see people squander their amazing potential, these run the danger of becoming passive.


2) The cynics that WANT people to be idiots so they can be justified in actively attacking religion, mindsets, races, a gender, whatever. They take glee in people’s ignorance. They enjoy the ego trip of proving their superiority and publically humiliating someone else.

Still, I rate either one could make a proper contribution to society if we try to believe that society deserves an individual’s effort in improving it.


~ by William Webster on May 16, 2010.

One Response to “cynical about cynics”

  1. Wow.. I think I just got served…

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