I don’t know either

It never really left.
It’s still there like a sore on the inside of my mouth that would heal if my tongue could stop drilling into it.
It’s like a premonition, of that time to come,
I know exactly how it’ll be because it’ll be exactly like it always ends up.
With me a bit colder
With us a bit older.

The accident brought us together
Paving a crooked dirt road for us, making it easy, speedy (hasty) to touch the tips of our minds and connect to one another.

We realized that we might not have matched but at least we found some comfort in each other. In the evernow of our shared experiences.

Now we’re barbed into one another with aortal hooks.
Our hearts bleed for- and because of one another.

Your eyes let go of the secrets your lips try to wall off.
Well open sesame baby, it was never hard to pluck the words from your irises, do you resent me for that?

The question remains: ‘where do we go from here?’

I don’t know, but we’ll limp along the asphalt hand in hand in heart, hitchhiking along with the others.


~ by William Webster on May 16, 2010.

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