The end

The end.
He’s here, finally he’s come…
After two millenia of prophecies about his arrival, four centuries of expectancy of the prophecies’ fruition, and umpteen decades of speculation on his location, he’s here.

People have said he’s here before. But the final sign screams at us from the very earth. The anti-christ sits on the throne in Jerusalem.

Things are about to get ugly, grotesquely ugly.

We spent so much time trying to predict where he would come from, this ‘king of the north’ we sat around for days tracking politics, (the endless sea from which the beast will arrive).
It doesn’t matter anymore. The beast with his clipped nails and his Armani suit sits upon the god-emperor throne.

It seemed to matter so much, only months ago, who it would be: an american? They had the oil interests in and the illuminati aristocracy already. (Every conspiracy buff knew the war on freedom was really about oil and drugs. What we didn’t really consider was that that was just a lucrative diversion from their true goal: Jerusalem. The U.N. wanted Jerusalem. The real center of the world.) We considered that this man might be a Russian, seeing as they had more nuclear warheads than even america, but since russian wasn’t a global language and the god-emperor had to be an excellent orator it didn’t seem likely, hell even english ran fourth to chinese, spanish and french in the amount of people that spoke it.

Yet english is the language of the world.

China was a good bet too, being such an economic and military superpower.

An english speaking emperor would seem unlikely too, it’s essentially a white language, but while there was three white men to every black one on earth, there were nine Asians to every white man. In fact the average European couple had 2.4 children, with still-births, young deaths and careless parenting Europe was in decline since the late 1900s. All the while, middle eastern Islam’s average couple had 6.3 children, nearly tripling each generation.

I sometimes think it would have been better if Europe had been quietly bred out of Europe. Then the jihad/crusade may have been prevented.

So it seemed that the anti-christ might even have risen from the middle east.

But in truth… The arrows were pointing at Europe. Revelations 17 speaks of the woman rising from the many waters to ride the scarlet many-headed horned beast bearing many blasphemous symbols.

Here the symbolism was put into practise.
Europe comes from the greek mythological name Europa, the woman who in a nutshell was abducted and accompanied by a bull.
Belgium’s coins in 2004 was a depiction of Europa and this bull.
Europe sits among many waters, or many ‘seas’ if you like, and europe had been the first frontier of many countries working under one currency, or one creature with many heads, if you will.

As far as blasphemous symbols go, no continent has ever been as pagan as Europe, not a single church in Europe had been built without using the stones of a broken pagan temple. The very origin of the catholic church there was rooted in paganism. In fact, the U.N.s headquarters is an exact modern-day representation of the tower of babel, where Nebuchadnezzar or Nimrod was the original god-king. When they were asked why they built it that way, they replied ‘we are finishing the tower of babel that was never finished over 5000 years ago.’ their chronology was a bit off, but the symbol remained the same.

So we predicted somewhere in Europe.

It doesn’t matter anymore.
An ironic twist that we weren’t anticipating is that he’s a jew. God’s chosen race, the one’s who by bloodline carry the ten commandments and the animosity with the offspring of Ishmael and Esau.
Taking the blessed of God… That’s typical of the devil. Emulating God and destroying His creation simultaneously.

Now he sits on Solomon’s throne, his despicable name carved onto so many cadavers: Christian, Muslim, and yes, even Jews. Those three sides of the same monotheistic coin.

I need to keep talking, the silence invites the shadows, so I’m sorry if I tell you something you already know, then I’m sorry.
I just need to get this out of my system.

The four horse-riders of the apocalypse…

War: the middle east situation had escalated immeasurably, Gaza was nearly scorched earth, Afghanistan and Iraq seen a tripling of allied troops and hired mercenaries from Obama’s inauguration to 2012

Pestilence: the AIDS virus is now known to have been man-made, released during the 1950s so people would be easier pickings for the later stages of pestilent population control

Famine: after bird flu, swine flu, captain trips, whatever, pestilence affected everything and inevitably led to crops dying, major inflation and general food shortages.

Death: war was efficient population control, so was pestilence and famine, on top of that, general economic climates made healthcare very pricey, not even vaccinations were that commonplace any more.
People were dying by the thousands under these four horse-riders.

Then it came. The real end of the old world.

Twelve December 2012. That day that the Mayans had spoken about all those millenia ago. It was said to be the apocalypse. Well… We did some research, the mayan ‘apocalypse’ meant ‘great shift’ it could mean that the poles would reverse, it could mean anything.
Turned out it meant that the strained veneer of peace broke.

The east had had enough of the west. A jihad was declared on the christian aggressors, and all the wrath of Islam descended upon the allies with extreme vengeance. The allies were soon pulling out.

The sad thing here i think, is that there was no ‘evil’ side, both sides were just scared people following the orders of some very greedy megalomaniacs.

But fear inspires unity! Amen!

Countries had to pick sides, and this time america didn’t have the luxury of sitting on the side until a winner was clear. They were already in the thick of it.

Nationalism sky rocketed all over the world as propaganda spoke silver-tongued white lies on national scale.

Church and mosque attendance hit a steep curve upward as rifles were passed around all over the place.

This was a full-scale economic, cultural and military war. The entire world was sucked into that middle eastern conflict like planets into a black hole.

Of course religion was the disguise, it was really about money, it’s just hard to inspire your troops with your own monetary interests.
And even deeper… It was about Jerusalem.

By 2016 no country trusted its neighbour, and anarchy was tearing at society’s seems.

War was no longer country to country. It rode its horse from doorstep to doorstep.

Until he came.
In the worlds weakest moment, he sent a private army into the middle east. This wealthy man subdued both sides with some very powerful organizations backing him. This wealthy bureaucrat had with one tactical strike ended the conflict at the heart of the war. Out of nowhere, and the whole world went quiet for that moment. He had the attention of every single person on Earth. Crowds gathered in front of televisions. Massed around radios when the heralds ran through the streets screaming that the war was over.

He had everyone’s attention. He definitely had mine.

His message was simple, and clear: ”see what religion does? This is the only thing it has achieved since the dawn of its existence.’

This man, taller than his fellows, with a stern look that never graced a woman or a man in any romantic way, knew what he was doing, and since nobody else did, they followed him…

Don’t blame us, we were tired of war, tired of fear, tired of losing… Of losing people.
I’m glad you hadn’t lived to see it.

He was charismatic, he kept everyone’s attention. While he world had been making war, he had been planning its salvation. He had come at the perfect moment. With everybody weakened, everybody listened to this european man with Jacob’s blood flowing through his veins, but not his heart or mind. He’s a jew by blood, not by faith. He had a seven-year plan to slay all four horse riders, he abolished all religion as a traitorous offence, punishable by death

Also he started rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem as a sign that the world was finally at peace.

And for three and a half years it went wonderful. There were resistence cells, but not much to resist. They were handled quietly. The underground faithful were violently purged though.

Now, it’s three and a half years into his plan. He took the throne in Jerusalem. He tore up the 7 year plan.

Three and a half years in… So symbolic, Jesus had his teachings for three and a half years before he was crucified…

I wanted to stand up as a christian Genevieve. I really did. But… I couldn’t… You don’t know what they would do to me. You have *sob* you have no idea… I don’t know what I fear more now, this life or the one after…
It’s hell on Earth now.
And in another three and a half years all this will be over… I really hope I’ll be joining you…


~ by William Webster on May 16, 2010.

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