Two sides of the intellectual coin: The artist and the mathematician

You have a tree:

One man analyzes it
the other man experiences it.

The one will pick apart its properties, and see how they can benefit mankind,
the other will recreate it in new ways, which can then be picked apart in its new light with new properties to be picked apart.

The one improves the quality of life
The other makes life more enjoyable and profound

One caters to practicality
The other caters to emotionality and a sense of aesthetic

Awesome how the intellect works and how both kinds (that I mentioned) are integrated and balanced (or not so much balanced) in everyone you know to different degrees (everybody has both, the tip of the scale of the two simply determines what you are capable of thinking of, and every point on that percentile index could be crucially important to our species as a whole.)
Awesome how there is art in maths and maths in art, science in music and music in science (just listen to a resonating rod, wavelengths or the pretty pattens of lithium in water.)

Without logic we would revert to barbaric cultures (No matter how sophisticated they might be, For instance, the romans were at the height of ‘civilization’ when they indulged in cheese orgies and the circus where animals ate people.) and cave in to irrationality, we would lose reason and understanding, our emotions would guide our diplomacy rather than our sensibilities. We would have anarchy.

Without abstract thinking, we would become less than human in our base nature, our inability to dream and have ideals or moral principles beyond what logic dictates

Without logic we would become animals, without our creative emotionality we would become machines.

For a small closing example: Logic tells you that wanton murder doesn’t make sense, and would probably end badly for you.
Compassion tells you it’s wrong.


~ by William Webster on May 16, 2010.

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