New 5th edition tyranid army

So I picked up a 5th edition tyranid codex recently, and I’m still trying to decide on what to include for the standard games. So here’s my first list. I’m well versed in 4th ed, but I’m quite new to the 5th ed rules, so let me know if I made a stupid mistake or did something illegal please.

Here goes:

Swarmlord (280 pts)
1x tyrant guard + lash whip (65 pts)

parasite of mortrex (160 pts)


the doom of malan’tai+ mycetic spore (130 pts)

24 termagants (120 pts)

23 hormagaunts (138 pts)

Tervigon + toxin sacs + adrenal glands + catalyst. (195 pts)


24 gargoyles (144 pts)


Trygon prime + regeneration (265 pts)

TOTAL 1497 pts

so my reasoning goes like this: the army functions as three seperate entities, the trygon and the hormagaunts racing forward, the tervigon and no pain feeling termagants in the centre to bear the brunt of an attack when they aren’t trundling along themselves, and the parasite in a group of gargoyles coming up the flank to prey on enemy stragglers.
So there’s a synapse beast with a little horde in each of the three prongs. The swarmlord bolsters synapse to any prong that might lose it’s own synapse, as well as being a real threat in its own right. The hordes will shield it from assaults, absorbing the worst of them (possibly dying in the process) buying that round to let the lord assault. That’s why he only has one guard.
The demi-god vampire known as the doom of malan’tai will then deep strike inbetween the biggest non-mech threats (3+ on turn two thanks to the swarmlord) leech health and shoot off cataclysm (great anti-tank/huge units in the right circumstances)
the PoM and Tervigon are there because I have a soft spot for anything that spawns me more creeps.

so that’s about it. I’ve scanned through a friends rulebook but don’t own my own yet, so my big concern is that monstrous creeps no longer get 2D6 armour penetration, as you can see how that might trouble this army. I realize I skimped on powerful ballistics, but honestly a tyrannofex is really overpriced for a gun ‘nid with only 3 BS. Carnifexes seem nerfed through overpricing, and while I see the merit in deepstriking a standard fex for 200 pts, that means it’ll get a charge on round 3 at the fastest. Besides, after always having 1 or 2 in 4th ed, I’m bored with fex’s. The harpy might’ve been nice for the firepower role, but I wouldn’t trust taking one alone.
I might include 3 hive guard. 150 pts for 6 str 8 AP 4 shots seems to be a great sideboard against mech heavy armies (6 shots at BS 4 compared to 2 shots from a rupture cannon at BS 3. Math hammer 4 str 8 hits vs 1 str 10 hit and I still have 100 points left? The fex has double the range in theory, but it also needs LoS and the guard can shoot up to 30 from their starting positions if they move before hand.)
I might post the story behind this fleet sometime (Hive fleet Hades, swarmlord is named Aeries, parasite named Icarus, tervigon named brood mother, DoM is Omega and trygon prime is called Leviathan.) anyway. I ramble. Tell me what you think.


~ by William Webster on August 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “New 5th edition tyranid army”

  1. Lucky boy, monstrous creatures DO get 2D6+strength vs vehicles.
    Unluckily for you, I now actually know most of the rules, and seems like my Destroyer lord +war scythe is the perfect anti-DOM unit. No armour or involved saves allowed! Wtfpwnage! In any case, thought about the name for a bit, and Hive Fleet Hydraulic sounds right to me. What with having multiple heads and spawning more. Otherwise, hive fleet Cullen works too, in honour of your gay vampire Nid 😉

    Looking forward to playing again 🙂

  2. I agree on the destroyer lord, thing is that if the DoM deep strikes close to it, it leeches health in my turn, and then again in your shooting phase before you assault. Meaning 2x3D6 vs the lord’s 10 Ld. I figure a C’tan or a group of pariahs will easily get rid of it too.
    Anything that either has too many attacks to save against, or ignores invulnerable saves.

    I’m really amped to play again, and btw I think I’ll run 5 tervigons and 3×30 gaunts against the orks next time. Supergaunts seem to do the job. So 105 to a potential 500 of them should dry up the non-mechanized green tide.

    P.S. When a pink doom of malan’tai, covered in glitter approaches a tournament, people will leave with psychological problems. (all hail the hello kitty monolith!)

  3. Damned Android changed “Hydra” to “Hydraulic” automatically…
    Hello Kitty Monolith vs. Doom of Bella’ntai? I predict mass pwnage.

    I still have no good answer to an opposing mass-melee army.

    Necron Warriors are not made for that kind of thing.
    Pariah’s are too expensive and with low Initiative and only 1 attack you have to make sure you are the assualting side (which is all but impossible against ‘nids or orks).Their only saving grace is their awesomely strong no-armour-or-inv-saves allowed attacks. But still, not enough against hordes of small weak-ish units. Best used against monstrous creatures and vehicles, says I. Actually perfect against your many big-foot psyker units, but It’l be a cold day in hell before any enemy with common sense allows them to even get that close to the stuff they are supposed to kill.

    Flayed Ones could work under the right circumstances, but again, low initiatives bother me.

    I fear until a proper solution is found I’m going to have to stick with my ‘reactionary’ tactics and try and blast apart as many of the enemy as I can before they reach my lines.

    At least vehicles wont be a problem…

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