The brevity of platonicity

I do it to other people
they do it to me
we meet then like then love each other
then we simply leave

we take what we can get
never passing up what’s free
we take what’s given out of love
just to feed our narcissistic apathy

don’t bullshit me with ‘for life’, ‘forever’
the only constant ‘for’s are ‘forget’
‘fortune’, ‘force’ and ‘fornication’,
we don’t even know who we are yet

sincerity is fleeting
and no love beats eternal
we hear our virtues time to time
to our vices we’re always servile

because forever is a flight of fancy
the only constant is decay
we leave our heart-bound on a whim
as soon as a better offer’s displayed

so save your melodrama
we need no obituary
for this beauty we knew would wilt
this rose called platonicity…


~ by William Webster on August 22, 2010.

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