The little things that matter.

So lately I’ve been trying to put more effort into relationships with friends and loved ones: the unexpected visit, the occasional kindergarten style handmade card, the just-cause-you’re-on-my-mind texts, and trying to take an interests in their interests.

I hadn’t thought about what my sudden motivation was until a short while ago. It occured to me that this wasn’t a spontaneous attempt at altruism, there was something just a little bit more self-serving behind it. (hopefully this is normal and I’m not a sociopath.)

when we make a card for someone, write a lover a song, name a star after our mother’s, we aren’t necessarilly creating a mind blowing revolution of creativity and ingenuity, we’re just trying to say ‘I care. You mean something to me and I just need to express it in some way that presses the memory in between the pages of the book that is our relationship. The desired response is ‘I love it. I love the fact that you take the time to encapsulate your affection for me. Even though it sucks, or even if it did suck, It’s given significance because it comes from you.’

the same words from the right lips can turn profane to profound.

These little forget-me-nots mean nothing in themselves, they simply represent something intangible between two people, namely that childlike way of saying: “I love you with everything I have, here’s macaroni glued to paper to prove it.”

show your loved ones you care. No matter how lame it feels.


~ by William Webster on August 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “The little things that matter.”

  1. I agree with you. Sometimes it’s good to express our care for others in a tangible way. What a sweet poest. πŸ™‚

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