The internal Apocalypse

(Don’t try to tell me that some power can corrupt a person, you haven’t had enough to know what it’s like)- Trent Reznor

Greed never really cared (primarily) for wealth, avarice can be satiated, and eventually you can have enough things.

Greed cares for power, and money is simply the interchangeable eventuality we use to achieve it.

It’s about living in a world where financial Strong arm thugs get to humiliate those who are forced to hatefully bend the knee to them, it’s about setting the rules which apply to everyone but you, it’s about treating people like belongings, the exhilaration of murder and the insanity in rape, where the dehumanized victims have to submit and comply with your sickest animal desires.

So money becomes the laso to the wealthy, and the noose to the poor.

A lot of people have a problem with money and how it is just another way for some people to have power over other people. Money is not the problem, human nature is, we simply use the system we created to gain this power

In the end, having power has baneful consequences: Those who have it regress to spoiled children, who play with people rather than objects, unless they have the discipline needed to tame the dribbling id, the salivating demon, in themselves.

Because we all have that seed of Adam,

of Nimrod,

of original sin,

which screams to turn us into a beast in human skin

but we choose to deafen ourselves with the comfortable pillows from where we never have to see the reality of what we’re becoming.

So we’re slaves to sensation, slaves to sensationalism, making entertainment out of the misery of others when we’re no longer human enough to have our own feelings.

Television feeds this vicarious emotion as we regress into something more infantile, more animal.

Until finally, anything that was ever profound, everything that was ever good , is lost in a foggy memory disappearing in the haze of hollow pleasures.

You see, a real apocalypse isn’t the world shattering around you. A real apocalypse is when you vanish into the creature inside of you that lives from nothing but fear, hunger and lust.

By having power (through money, class, respect, etc.) you gain freedom of the consequences of your actions to varying extents, if you are not the match of the power you receive, then you will become the slave of instinct and addiction. This happens in our own worlds as well, in the comfort we experience we have the option of living past one another, because we are more interested in seeing the contestants of survivor go through ‘real emotion’ (which honestly is the only reason anyone watches it, nobody cares about the challenges, your pupils dialate when you see what those people are going though, their suffering, and we fail to admit to ourselves that the suffering of these people, is our entertainment;) than our own family.

In the comfort of having microwaves make our food, having pipe systems bring water to us, having cars so we don’t need to spend days walking somewhere, having cellphones which makes communication instant, sanitary toilet systems, the internet to tell us anything we had ever wanted to know, and so many other things done for us, we have so much time for self improvement, but that’s not what we do. Instead we’re on facebook, we don’t have the discipline to use our never-before-seen free time, exactly because we never have to do anything for ourselves anymore. It’s ridiculous that the more potential we have, the more we have to go against our own nature to achieve it. Because our bodies, like anything in nature, follows the path of least resistance, which is to go for comfort, to adapt to the situation your in. So when you don’t need to take care of yourself, then your body and your psychology adapt.

Only when you’re stripped of every piece of comfort will you be forced to grow attached to the people you had to make an effort with previously. When your computer, television, cellphone, magazine, and every other distraction is gone, you suddenly be part of your own family again.


~ by William Webster on September 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “The internal Apocalypse”

  1. Human nature is neurologically caring and collaborating out of self care. That was,is, will always be our natural surviving optimum as specie.
    The Smith theorem is based on a neurotic concept of the human, not his true being.People tend to project on humanity their unconscious.
    The neuroses exist, the psychopaths abuse it, authenticity confronts it.
    I love humans as much as myself, that is why I kick lazy minds, and warm my next with my heartbeat.

    • I agree with you, but if caring for others comes from a sense of self preservation, then living in comfort means not needing others. We did this survival camp in 2008, and the level of intimacy we built with our teams in one week was staggering, but after a year of not desperately depending on one another, the love (for lack of a better word) faded into casual friendship in some cases, and superficial acquaintance in others.

      That’s why it takes a measure of discipline to continue to love one another in a western society, our decision to care is when we don’t need someone for our own purposes is what real love is (in my opinion,) and this constant decision is at the same time the dominance of our humanity over our animal self.

      I guess that means that love is what makes us human.

  2. Changes are inevitable.
    Fear of changes, leads to the wish to control.
    But this “discipline” is exactly the original sin why the love concept turned to an hypocrite “must”.
    Those “living in comfort” distancing them self, might have suffer exactly from this reality distortion affecting them.
    Splendid isolation is energetically absurd in an interactive universe.

    Only if we as humanity starts to TRULY trust into the human potential making sense with his senses in common, love is possible.

    Not based on new “moralin”poison,
    but on self acceptance & freedom.

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