just a quick few thoughts


So I bought my blackberry today, it’s pretty nifty, actually might have been another postless year without it.

It’s 3 am right no and I just had a smoke outside when I realized some stars are actually visible here in the suburbian city-periphery. And looking up at them I had that most common of rare revelations of how infinitesmal we are. I look up, into space, and what is up there in the stars is a titanic clash of energies in tumultuous anarchy. They swirl together and break apart under their own magnitude, they dance a pandaemonious ballet, with heat that could obliterate everything you’ve ever known, in the blink of an eye.

And when they reach their apex, they implode, like they sabotage themselves right at their finest moment and become forever cavernous nothings that simply suck ib everything around them, obliterating it, crushing it.
Yet what I saw was this

Orion’ keeping silent vigil over the zodiac, a single shooting star like a fleeting teardrop disappearing into the night. A few pinpricks of light that could penetrate the city’s haze.

For all their power, grandeur rage and immensity, a single city of streetlamps and homes dwindles them to nothing but a cluster of pretty ornaments adorning the night sky.

And I wonder: if humanity is seen from the distance, is all the hate, war, famine, pestilence and death visible? Right when we sabotage one another at the beginning of our finest moments, right in our lust, wrath, envy, greed and apathy, is anything visible from the outside except for the very beauty of us living?

It’s just a thought.


~ by William Webster on April 12, 2011.

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