I’m not sure how to start my narcissistic little ramble about myself and where I come from, my trials and tribulations and all the other nonsense that goes into shaping un/balanced individuals, so let me just start anywhere


right about here is where I guess it starts: William Webster is the pseudonym I’m using in my aspiring career (scratch that, lifestyle) as a novelist. It’s my dream job, and calling to become one. God told me three times 😉

I come from South Africa, yes, we have internet, now continue breathing, your face is turning blue. We also happen to have electricity, running water, white people, shoes and various other characteristics that might surprise you. This place is my home, nowhere else would ever compare to the beauty this place consoles us with in the face of such political bullcrap.

My facebook page (not listed as William Webster) has been my blogspot since about august 2008, and recently it hit me that that’s really stupid, no categories, no proper exposure, nada, but anyway, it means that I might just copy-paste a lot of my notes off of there here, so I may spurt a suspicious amount of blogs in a single night.

I’m hoping to use blogging to connect with other people all around the globe, as well as giving myself some decent exposure as an author.


right, so we’re done now.

It’s about half past four AM, so if any of this seems incoherent. Shove it 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog.


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  1. its good blog ….i like it .:)

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